Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Need Tiny Text for Your Handmade Cards? Cricut Explore

I love the thin, steel dies.......... but they are so pricey to cut just one word or a simple phrase :(  My Cricut Explore cut the text from paper small enough that the word(s) look good enough to use on my handmade cards; but, I struggled getting the tiny text released from the cutting mat and away from the cardstock. I mangled the text in the process.  Then I decided to give vinyl a try.

I cut the words "my" and "on" from vinyl on my Cricut Explore......... Needless to say, if i need tiny text for my handmade cards, I will be using vinyl and my Cricut Explore to cut the sentiments.  I am delighted with the results!!!  The "m" is less than a quarter of an inch high. I used Oracal 531 vinyl to make the green cuts.