Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Need Tiny Text for Your Handmade Cards? Cricut Explore

I love the thin, steel dies.......... but they are so pricey to cut just one word or a simple phrase :(  My Cricut Explore cut the text from paper small enough that the word(s) look good enough to use on my handmade cards; but, I struggled getting the tiny text released from the cutting mat and away from the cardstock. I mangled the text in the process.  Then I decided to give vinyl a try.

I cut the words "my" and "on" from vinyl on my Cricut Explore......... Needless to say, if i need tiny text for my handmade cards, I will be using vinyl and my Cricut Explore to cut the sentiments.  I am delighted with the results!!!  The "m" is less than a quarter of an inch high. I used Oracal 531 vinyl to make the green cuts.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Why I Purchased the Cricut Explore??? My One Minute Review

As much as I feel that Cricut Design Space software has none or very few basic design functions, I had to buy the Cricut Explore because I have a large cartridge library which finally could be cut well. The boy in the pedal car measures 2.25 x 1.75 inches...... the detail of the vinyl cut is awesome..... (and I can see I need to weed a few more spots).

I am happily working around the severe limitations and bugs in Design Space by using the software only when I absolutely have to.  I use MTC and SCAL for all my SVG creations....... and import my SVGs into Cricut Design Space, using Design Space only as a means to access the cutter drivers.  (By the way, the new version of SCAL, version 4, is outstanding.  The SCAL IPAD app also has lots of promise.)

When I want to use Cricut artwork, I am forced to use Design Space but I limit my work time as much as possible in Cricut Design Space.  If you have a large Cricut library you may want to think about getting the Explore.  PC has finally created a cutter which cuts as well as other cutters do.  If you haven't already spent $$$ on Cricut cartridges, the cutter world is your oyster.  You have so many choices.........  Spend some time reading blogs and watching Youtubes...... All the cutter softwares are available for download.  Test drive the software before you buy.  Read, Read, Read every review you can find.  There are a lot of fanboys/fangirls who are giving very biased reviews of their favorite machines......... SO DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR WALLET.

Check out what Clever Someday and Leo from SVGCuts have reported about cutters....... both bloggers make a sincere effort to present fair and complete machines reviews and comparisons.