Monday, August 25, 2014

Storage Solution ~ How to store 200+ Ink Pads and the Reinkers and 100+ bottles of Mists and Paints and a lot of Cool Stuff

I had a problem............. how to organize and store over 200 ink pads and their reinkers, over 100 sprays and mists, paints, and embossing powders in a manner that made using and creating with them as easy possible.  I am an out-of-sight-out-of-mind girl.  I don't use the supplies I can't see and get to easily! This bookshelf is really 2 shoe rack units stacked. Each unit has 3 shelves for 6 shelves total.  Because this storage is for shoes the shelves are deep, but much closer to together than standard bookcases....... These shelves can be purchased at Sam's Club and Costco.  The inks and reinkers, paints, sprays are sorted by brand and in individual Iris shoeboxes sans the lids.  When I get around to it, I plan to label each shoebox.  I just pick up a box and bring it to my workspace....... :-)

3-Tier Mesh Utility Rack - Sam's Club

Seville Classics 3 Tier Multi Purpose Storage and Shoe Rack - 2 Pack

The styles have been changed a bit....... but these are basically the same shelves I used.